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L'amour : une marchandise comme les autres?

First date: Impress with questions, not answers.

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This blog post in answer to a recurring question from readers and clients on how to have better conversations on a date. The latest was from Cedric from France: “I often find myself not knowing…


Flirt like a virtuoso

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Jazz giant Sonny Rollins recently declared in an interview: « You can’t play and think at the same time » This really resonated with me. I have had the same thought countless times regarding seduction….


Can you learn how to seduce women?

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Can you really learn how to seduce women ? I just finished reading an interview I gave a long time ago. It seems  like I started from the premises that a lot of people needed…

Overcome ethnicity barrier

How to overcome the ethnicity barrier

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Hello Jean-Baptiste Most of the datingtips focus on the how etc. But how about focusing on the ethnicity issue is often for Asian ethnicities it is so hard to break into the western woman’s mindset….

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"The coaching was a big step in my personal development. I’m now way more relaxed socially and I have fun flirting with girls."

− Benjamin, 26 years old, Toulouse, France

"I am 100% happy about this coaching, the adventure is worth it and you won't regret it if you want to change and become better with women."

− Oliver, 28 years old, Budapest, Hungary

"It was definitely a life changing experience for me. I went within 15 hours from feeling very shy and afraid about talking to women, approaching them in every possible situation and getting their facebooks and phone numbers for a date."

− Amos, 29 ans, Amsterdam

"Jean-Baptiste is knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. Thanks to him, I have gotten rid of frustrations and beliefs that were sabotaging my success in dating for almost ten years."

− Joost, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The coaching allowed me to change my love life in ways I always thought were impossible. Thanks you ! "

− Melinda, 32 years old, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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